MSCS provides reliable and affordable warehousing service to our clients, as per the goods types and space requirements. Oil & Gas, Automotive, Health-care, whatever is the industry your goods belong to, MSCS offers Warehousing and Distribution solutions for all.

Our partnering Warehousing and Distribution services around the world are equipped and managed under the experts supervision, according to the required environmental conditions as per the nature of merchandises. MSCS aims at providing the flexible, efficient and affordable warehousing and distribution service, understanding the needs of the clients.

If you want hold your cargo for a day or a week or more, or if it comes under our Supply chain management process, our warehousing and distribution services offers you convenient time, space and delivery.

  • Storage of merchandise on pallets, open stock in bins, crates, drums, etc.
  • Pick and pack operations, palletizing and shrink wrapping
  • Custom packaging and labeling
  • Bar coding and labeling
  • Distribution for parcels, pallets, part loads or full truck loads.
  • International distribution services through world-wide partnerships.

Ask an MSCS representative about solutions to your warehousing and distribution needs , it is easier with MSCS.