Air Charter

Air Charter Services comes in place where a project is associated with any critical issue, situation, urgency or location is to be accompl ished. At MSCS, we provide tailor-made solutions to our clients, based on their requirement and environment factors. The team at MSCS is specialized in providing tailored charter services for various factors, say – if the cargo is heavy-weighted and outsized, if there is a project cargo, an urgent cargo - to be reached before deadline, freight to a remote location or in case there are some dangerou s goods, which needs extra caution.

Vessel Charter

If you have got a heavy and over-sized cargo or a project cargo, or a cargo not suitable for conventional cargo service, MSCS has another hasty solution for you! Our Vessel charter fulfills your needs for a special cargo through water way.

Our Vessel Charter services are supervised by experts and skilled personnel. MSCS provides you a suitable vessel cargo based on your needs and the nature of goods. Our Special Vessel charter services take care of the apprehensions our clients have in case of Bulk Cargoes or Heavy Lifts.

We also provide Full & Part Vessel cargo as per your needs. In case of other Voyage hitches and deadlines where time is a concern, our team plans the Vessel Charter, considering whether, environmental and industrial factors. Our project cargo services also include Vessel Charter service, as per the client’s requirements.

Dangerous Goods Handling

If you are looking for a safe project logistic or freight to transport your dangerous materials, MSCS is the one who technically and practically serves the freight forwarding services for such goods.

The experts at MSCS know the keys to handle dangerous goods and ship them safely to the destination with impeccable packaging and appropriate documentation. Our internal QC team inspects each and every minority of the goods before the shipment takes off. The shipments take place only when our Quality control team approves and when it pass the compliances as per DOT, IATA or IMO regulations, as per the nature of the shipment.

MSCS provides regular trainings to handle dangerous goods to its team members and we ensure that certified members as per IATA and IMGD regulations are placed on board to handle the Class 1 Explosives and Radioactive materials. Not only our team, but we ensure that our freight and projects partners are also certified in handling dangerous goods.

MSCS under takes all the shipments processes which may include packaging, certifications, re-certification for transshipments, pre-clearance and special delivery for shipments requiring necessary permissions or exemptions.

Customs Clearance

One of most important and critic phase of project logistics and freight forwarding, Custom clearance is an integrated part of Freight services at MSCS. Our proficient team members provide you all types of customer clearance services for import and export of your Cargo, worldwide.

At times when you require express clearance and delivery service, MSCS makes sure your cargo is reached on time and you fulfill the committed timelines.

Cargo Insurance Assistance

Sometimes unexpected circumstances arise and the best way to deal smoothly with such situations is Insurance. MSCS always suggests its clients to have their freight insured, since despite of undertaking all the safety measures, some circumstances may fall beyond regulations.

For our clients’ convenience, we offer Cargo Insurance Services to minimize and overcome the risk of total or partial damage, while in transit. Our experts work out on the best rates and provide you a suitable solution for your cargo, with an easy payment procedure as per your convenience.

Supply Chain Solutions

At MSCS, you name it and we have a solution, right there. We take care of every step from origin to destination, all we would like you to do is, Relax and leave your worries to us. Our extensively trained professionals and team with years of experience know inside out of the project logistics and challenges that may arise during the freight management process and thus, overcome them swiftly that our clients can rely on us completely.

Our Supply-chain management solutions are affordable, reliable, quick and transparent, that fulfills all our clients’ needs, providing the best of our services.

Documentation / Certification / Legalization Assistance

MSCS takes the documentations and regulations on priority whether they affect internal or external factors. Our experience team offers a full range of certifications, letter of credits, banking documents, insurance paper and legal documents required for export, clearance or any other purpose.