MSCS Serves Everyone Everywhere!

MSCS services are not limited to a few areas, spaces and industries. MSCS is widely known for its freight forwarding and project logistics services in all the industries including part manufacturers, explorations and production houses, Petrochemicals and more.

Expertise comes with Experience

MSCS believes in expertise and thus, we have a strong network of specialist in different countries like Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA and Africa. Serving various countries globally, our strategically located hubs are situated in key areas like London, Dubai, Houston and Singapore.

Oil & Gas

Engaged in extensive planning where more than anything we care about client relationship by providing seamless logistics services and huge benefits from the projects. Our team of researches and experts engage in planning the project with cautious and risk mitigation plan, which helps us to accomplish the project safely and timely.


MSCS provides tailored projects logistics services for finished automobiles and service parts. We provide Air freight, Sea freight and Road freight services depending on the nature of cargo, locations and clients’ requirements. Our Automotive logistics services include car logistics, commercial vehicles, system suppliers, warehousing and supply chain management.


The extensive demand of Energy logistics fortified MSCS to take a step in the Energy industry, to fulfill increasing demands, efficiently and safely. Our dedicated project team works on the end to end supply chain project logistics which includes management, supervision at port of loadings and discharge, vessel charter, freight management and more.

MSCS is strictly adhered to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment throughout the project whether it is about Wind turbines or fossil fuels. We provide logistic services to remote locations, and in all the areas of energy sector. We work closely with local and international clients to accomplish their needs and delivering quality logistic services.

Health Care

MSCS provides the Logistics services tailored specifically to fulfill the needs of healthcare sector. Our supply chain and project logistics services are designed to comply with required healthcare quality standards and regulations. We are dedicatedly extending our services in Healthcare by investing in employees, trainings, network and logistics solutions to meet the logistics needs of maximum possible healthcare companies to benefit the people.


We understand our clients’ expectations when it comes to a project which they are looking forward to accomplish incurring sometimes an investment of millions (financially). Our team of experts creates a well-planned roadmap to ship the materials and equipment to the mining site, overcoming minor and complex challenges during the freight.


Power logistics solutions involve a various nature of challenges, core planning and special transport pre-arrangements. MSCS provides transportation of tons of transformer units and equipment in heavy weather conditions and tight timeline schedules to a distant location. Our team works on the minor calculations and measurements of the freight to serve our clients better.


MSCS serves the clients with complete set-up of plants in even remote locations whether the project includes Ocean Freight, Vessel Freight, Air Charter or any other freight services. Our team is dynamic to handle unique as well as complex logistic solutions. Depending on various regions and environmental factors, MSCS provides the suitable freight forwarding, warehousing and supply chain services.

We understand your business challenges in petrochemical industry and thus, here are we to handle Complex mega projects and ease your business. Our team of experts takes care of all the aspects of our employees and project logistics, i.e. Health, Safety, Security and Sustainability.


The intense and extensive skills are required when it comes to Military logistics globally. A vigilant planning, secure shipping and transportation on a global scale are essentials of transportation services for military sector. Our well-trained team involves in management of heavy lift and heavy haul project shipping, which could be by Air, Land, waterways and more often multimodal transportation.

Rig Moves

Rigging logistics services require not only transportation facilitation but also expertise in moving land rig or offshore rig from one drill site to another. MSCS provides complete supply chain logistics services to drilling contractors at remote locations, globally. Our services include Drilling Rig Move, Super Rig Move, Casing and Heavy Haulage.


FMCG Logistics is one of the most crucial logistics services as it involves maximum risk and minimum profit margin in retail sector. MSCS provides swift and fast transportation services for FMCG industry to meet the high demands in constricted timelines. Our integrated logistics solutions provide innovative supply chain management services to our clients, which involves planning, design and management in freight network, warehousing and quality control. We focus on supplying your products to market, damage-free, swiftly with efficiency.